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Regd. Office

  • Nirmal Academy
  • Above Gramin Bank,
  • Ward No.13
  • Manendragarh - 497442
  • Dist-Korea (C.G.), INDIA
  • Call: +91 9300617106

Know More About
Nirmal Educational & Welfare Society

"Aiming for the sustainable livelihood"

Nirmal Educational and Welfare Society has a executive council, which the member select a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Vice Secretary and Treasurer who thereafter look into the executive – functions council is elected for three years on a rotational basis. We encourage the locals persons to become members of the Society based upon the interest and skills of sharing their expertise. We are convinced that the local people and the skills must be involved for the true participation’s at all the levels of any people Oriented Programs, which are taken up by us.

Providing Education to every people is our mission, no matter what is their economic status.

Our Working Technique

We interact with the resistant of the area where we start to work for at least a year and then conduct three stages of PRA Exercises so that the need of the area and people can be prioritized. Our Team then formulates a plan of Action for about two years hence and again ratifies this through vision building workshops with the local people. Efforts area consciously made so as to keep an eye on the potential volunteers of the area. The plans are taken to be more sustainable if and when the local youth come forward to take responsibilities for this action plan. Our Team visits the area to find if the area has the necessary access to – information, services and resources to use them and if and when the area is found to be lacking these area our intentions to meet the felt needs of the people starts by finding the various suitable options for these area.

Our Mission

To aim for the sustainable livelihood for the local people by their action in the field of agriculture environment and rural technologies.

Our Target Group

The persons belonging to the Scheduled Tribes Castes and the most Backward Castes in these areas.

Our Teachers

Faculty Name
Javed Sir

(Sr. Faculty - M.C.A.)
Personality Development Trainer, English, Tally and Programming.

Faculty Name
Kuldeep Sir

P.C Package, Internet, DOS, Windows, Tally, Maths, G.K and Reasoning

Faculty Name
Tripti Madam

M.C.A. (Shankara, Bhilai)
PHP, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, Tally, Java, Internet, Web Designing

Rekha Diwan
Rekha Madam

Tally, Java, Visual Basic, .Net, MS-Package and DTP

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